Bob repairs a gas BBQ that wasn't burning with full heat

Turn Your Residence into Your Home

A “home” is a place of comfort. Rest. Belonging.

Our mission is to preserve and increase the comfort you experience in your home.

What makes a comfortable home?

  • Cool in the summer
  • Warm in the winter
  • Recreation and amenities all year round
  • Convenience, convenience, convenience

Gas fireplaces, gas barbecues, and home heating and air conditioning (HVAC) are the modern marvels of comfort. If your home was a sofa, these would be the cushions.

Our mission is to keep your cushions soft. That means we repair all these systems in your home when they break down, and we maintain them to prevent breakdowns from happening as often.

If your fireplace keeps shutting off, we’ll come out and get it turned back on with full heat.

If your air conditioning is blowing warm air, we’ll diagnose the problem and get the cool air flowing again.

If your burgers are taking forever to cook because your BBQ flames are too low, we’ll get you grilling again without stressing you out.

If you need replacement parts, troubleshooting guides, or just an expert set of eyes and hands to restore the comfort and make your house a “home” once again, this is why B&C Comfort exists.

And by the way, we also do installations for gas fireplaces and HVAC.

Our 4-Star Promise

Our home comfort service mission can be summed up with 4 promises. B&C Comfort will:

  1. Gas fireplace repair, heating and cooling, BBQ service -- Bob does it allStand behind our services – dependable
  2. Provide competitive pricing – affordable
  3. Deliver outstanding customer service – relational
  4. Instill confidence in our customers – professional

Call us today if you’re having trouble with your comfort or want to talk about a new installation. We look forward to providing you the same outstanding service our other customers have received.

Also – we love referrals! Tell your friends about us on social media or in person.

Thank you!

Supported Manufacturers

We sell and install these manufacturers, but we repair all brands.

  • Heat-n-Glo: Nobody Builds a Better Fire
  • Napoleon Quality Fireplaces
  • Kingsman Fireplaces
  • Enviro Gas Fireplace
  • RH Peterson
  • Firegear Outdoors
  • American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning
  • HEIL Heating and Cooling Products
  • Daikin

Bonded & Insured

B & C Comfort, LLC is bonded, licensed, insured and also a better practices business.

  • B & C Comfort, Heating & Air Conditioning, Monroe, WA
  • B&C Comfort is part of the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association